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We’re making some changes to pay as you go

Important Information

From June we’ll be moving you to our Everyday plan. Some of the services you use will start to cost more, and rewards you have on your current plan will no longer apply once you move. However you will have the option to get our new range of Smart Packs.

See Everyday plan details>

Reclaiming credit

Once you’ve taken a look, if you feel these changes aren’t for you, then you can cancel your SIM and get back any credit you’ve got left.

See how to reclaim your credit>

Smart Packs

Once we’ve moved you to the Everyday Plan you’ll gain access to our great value Smart Packs. £10 get's you 1GB data, 400 texts and 100 mins for 30 days.

Even better, you don’t need to wait until we move you to the Everyday plan, find out how to get a Smart Pack now>
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